Programming Google App Engine

Code & Extras

This is where you'll find the example code for the book, and links to other resources.

Example Code

All of the code examples featured in the book are available in a Github repository:

You can clone the Github repository using the following command:

git clone

For more information on Git, see the Git website, or Github.


Talks I've given on App Engine that you can watch online:

Useful Downloads

Some useful things to download for App Engine developers, from other places:

  • The App Engine SDK for Windows, Mac OS X and other platforms such as Linux. You can also get a downloadable version of the official documentation there.
  • Python. Be sure to get the latest Python 2.7.x release (not 3.1) to ensure your app will be compatible with App Engine's Python 2.7 runtime environment.
  • Java. App Engine uses Java EE 7, so you'll want Java EE JDK 7 for your platform.
  • The Eclipse development environment. Java developers should install the Google Plugin for Eclipse, which includes the App Engine SDK.
  • Python developers, you may want to consider PyCharm, a commercial Python IDE with built-in support for Django development and App Engine deployment.
  • For Python developers, the App Engine SDK includes multiple versions of Django, a web application framework that works well with App Engine. The 1st edition of the book describes the Django App Engine Helper, but Django developers might prefer a newer project, django-nonrel.