Webcast tomorrow; 50% off; June status

(I made a tweak to this blog's Atom feed that caused old entries to pop up in my Google Reader. Apologies for the inconvenience.)

First a reminder that I'm giving another webcast Thursday (tomorrow) 10am PT. The title on the site is Python for Google App Engine. Naturally that's a huge subject, so I've streamlined my slide deck to focus on setting up and understanding a Python development environment for App Engine: installation, tools, IDEs, unit testing, deployment. And it'll still be a tight fit for an hour. Should be fun. As before, the webcast is free, and it'll be archived for later viewing if you can't make it live.

If you haven't yet bought into the Early Release ebook, here's an excuse: O'Reilly is offering 50% off for select Early Release titles, including PGAE! This week only, so get in quick. Early Release gets you access to the intermediate drafts all the way up to the final ebook, in all of the DRM-free ebook formats.

I've set my 2nd edition draft complete date as early July. We're leaving a bit of time to accommodate anything that might be announced at Google I/O in two weeks—and I don't know what if anything will be announced, so don't read anything into that. :) I've got updates for the datastore, memcache, and URL fetch chapters on deck, and plans for new chapters on datastore administration and the async APIs. Next up is substantial updates to task queues. I'll also be rewriting the Django chapter. I have a dozen or so other topics that deserve their own chapters, and I'll try to get through as many of them as I can.