Post-production; upcoming Python webcast

Post-production is well underway for the new PGAE books. This edition is getting substantial technical and editorial review to make sure everything is up to date and the new language-specific volumes are in good shape. I especially want to thank the many readers who have contributed Early Release feedback. Every piece of feedback has made these books better. Subscribers should be getting the most recent update this week. We're currently looking at a release date of the final print and ebook editions in June 2015.

I'm doing an O'Reilly webcast entitled Building Scalable Web Apps with Python and Google Cloud Platform on Tuesday, April 21, 2015. This will be a beginner/intermediate talk with a Python and App Engine focus, updating some material from my previous webcasts and mixing in some new stuff from the book—and maybe some stuff outside the scope of the book, time permitting. The webcast will be recorded. Register for updates and access to the live event and video. It's free!