I/O 2013 in May; new PGAE G+ page

I'm currently slated to speak at Google I/O 2013 in May. My talk will be about my work on the Google Developers site, specifically the content management system, built on App Engine with Python. I'm currently in the throes of talk-writing agony, simultaneously nervous about meeting the high bar of the I/O conference, and panicked that I can't fit everything I want into 30 minutes. If you'll be there, consider attending my talk! If not, it'll be recorded and put online for free, which is awesome.

You can now follow Programming Google App Engine on Google+. You're still welcome to follow me on G+, but following the PGAE page directly will keep you up to date on book-related announcements without dragging my link blogging and casual musings into your stream. I will probably echo or link to entries from the book blog onto the G+ page, so if, say, you're about to lose access to your feed reader, you have another way to keep track.

Minor housekeeping note: I've moved the book's code sample repository to Github to be closer to my other Github activity. Github has a nice automatic Zip download feature, so you can always get the latest sample pack without using Git. See Code & Extras.